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In our effort to provide building owners and facility managers with a cost effective and user friendly environment to manage their existing documents, Planroom Solutions has implemented a modular web-based document retrieval system that allows for immediate access to all existing facility construction documents via a secure website. We have recognized that the existing document retrieval process is consistently inefficient and in the majority of instances misfiled or lost documents are never recovered. Therefore, engineers, architects, and facility personnel are forced to expend additional time, effort, and cost to repeatedly document lost information.


Facility renovation and expansion requires extensive existing conditions document retrieval. Currently, it is necessary for owners and their consultants to search through a facility plan room or electronic files when initiating projects or maintenance. Once your documents have been located, paper plans need to be reproduced and distributed. This cost in both labor and reproduction increases as facilities expand and more renovations occur. Internally, facility planners and maintenance personnel are constantly working within the existing structures performing general maintenance and systems repair. The ease of access to the relevant documents for a specific location that may have incurred numerous renovation projects is at best difficult, and more commonly impossible.


The development philosophy behind this product is simple. Allow for easy access to existing documents in a format that organizes the complete, documented history of a building location based on either discipline or project. Through the use of a user-friendly interface, the user is able to select a specific building location and discipline. Once selected, all drawings for that specific location are listed. The selected files can be printed to any output device. A laptop computer or tablet device can be used to access documents from any location within the facility allowing users to access valuable background information on demand.


As campus expansions occur, architects, engineers, and facility managers are constantly accessing existing documents. A further benefit of this product is to allow easy and unlimited access to the design team without the repeated cost of gathering the relevant plans and having multiple large format copies reproduced. By allowing the design team direct access via the user interface, background information can be accessed remotely, thereby increasing both efficiency and reducing labor costs.

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