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Cloud-Based Planroom Software

Our cloud-based Planroom Solution allows for departments to finally regain control of their existing planrooms and manage future projects. We have recognized that the existing document retrieval process is consistently inefficient and in the majority of instances misfiled or lost documents are never recovered. As a result, engineers, architects, and facility personnel are forced to expend additional time, effort, and cost to repeatedly document lost information.


Our process is designed to provide facility staff and their consultants with a cloud based document retrieval interface which replaces their current planroom.


If you show us your planroom and define the scope, we take care of the rest. We will scan, upload and organize your documents in our cloud-based program, allowing you the freedom of extra space and time. Future projects can be uploaded to our website for a seamless integration process. This is not a pay per seat solution. A reasonable monthly fee covers an unlimited number of users that you control.

We organize the information in a format consistent with the way facilities and their consultants work.


Benefits of Planroom Solutions:

  • Significantly reduces in house labor and man-hours in managing, accessing and searching for existing building plans

  • Consultant access that you control. Eliminates documents ‘walking’ out your plan room

  • Turn valuable space currently used to store documents into useable offices

  • Excellent content control. Never again worry where your documents are held

  • Secure storage translates into additional computer space for your organization and help you move toward a truly digital organization

  • Supports environmental "best" and LEED practices with reduction of paper usage

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