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Planroom Solutions Virtual Planroom

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Planroom Solutions?

Planroom Solutions is a SAS (‘software as a service’) solution cloud based which assists owners and facility with regarding control of their facility planrooms.


2. What services do you provide?

Planroom Solutions provides a user friendly, modular cloud-based document retrieval interface that allows for immediate remote access to all existing facility construction documents.


3. What are the benefits of PS?

We have recognized that the existing document retrieval process is consistently inefficient and in the majority of instances misfiled or lost documents are never recovered. As a result, engineers, architects, and facility personnel are forced to expend additional time, effort, and cost to repeatedly document lost information.

As campus expansions occur, architects, engineers, and facility managers are constantly accessing existing documents. A further benefit of this product is to allow easy and unlimited access to the design team without the repeated cost of gathering the relevant plans and having multiple large format copies reproduced. By allowing the design team direct access via the user interface, background information can be accessed remotely, thereby increasing both efficiency and reducing labor costs.


4. How can it help my company?

Our service addresses a persistent problem faced by property owners and facility managers who struggle to maintain and control the ever increasing and consistently inefficient process of storing and maintaining their facility planroom. We effectively eliminate the need for an onsite storage of paper and electronic documents, freeing valuable space and resources.


5. What are the costs?

Our costs are based on three step process:

  • 1. The initial setup fee which includes setup of your personal company website landing page.

  • 2. Additional drawings are uploaded on a per plan basis.

  • 3. A low monthly fee.

As additional projects occur, files can be sent via our website and become available within 48 hours.


6. Can I control who views my site?

You have complete control over who accesses your plans through a user friendly administrative interface where users can be added, turned on or off, and deleted.


7. Can the interface be accessed from my company webpage?

Yes, we will work with your IT department to provide access from your website.


8. Do I still own my paper documents?

You have the option of having your original paper documents returned after they have been scanned.


9. I do not have large format printing capabilities. How do I print my documents?

Once you have selected your drawings, you have the option of sending your drawings to PS for printing and delivery.


10. How do I add new projects?

New projects can be easily added using our ‘Upload Drawings’ function located on our website. We can arrange to have paper drawings pickup up for delivery to our offices. Your files are available on your site immediately after we process them.


11. Do I have a physical copy of my documents?

We provide a record disk of any drawings we receive from you.


12. How can I receive more information?

We can be reached at 617-843-5262 or Email us at

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